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The Key to Cheaper, Healthier Lunches

Heading out the door for work in the morning can be a whirlwind rush. It can be so tempting to skip packing food and just grab fast food or order takeout for lunch. But packing your own lunch can make a world of difference, for your body and your pocketbook.

Here are a few of the ways packing a lunch can help you.

1. Packing lunch saves you money.

A survey done by Visa found that Americans spend $2,076 a year on lunch, with some people spending up to $9,000! But what if you took the time to pack your own lunch? The average cost of a brown bag lunch from home is $4 ($1,040 a year). At the low end, that would add up to $1,036 in savings!

While it’s okay to budget in some days to eat out, perhaps for a team lunch or special occasion, packing your lunch on most days will mean lots of money back in your bank account.

2. Packing lunch puts you in control of portions.

One of the biggest problems with eating out is the growing portion size. On the other hand, if you pack a lunch from home, you get to be in control of your portions. While it’s true that you can bring home restaurant leftovers, this can be hard to do if a) don’t have a fridge at work, or b) are really tempted to finish that yummy restaurant food. 😉 It’s easier to balance your calorie intake if you get to be totally in control of how much you’re eating.

3. Packing lunch makes it easier to choose nutrient dense food.

Of course, how much you eat matters, but what you eat is just as important. When you buy lunch on the go, you’re at the mercy of whatever restaurants are nearby and whatever they have on the menu. Unfortunately, many restaurants offer high-calorie, low-nutrient foods.

But when you pack your own lunch, you can choose foods with lots of nutritional value! Whether it’s making sure you get enough protein, throwing in extra veggies, or choosing a treat with no added sugar, bringing lunch from home can make your nutritional goals a success.

Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Whether you’re packing lunch for yourself or sending lunch with a kiddo, it can be hard to come up with healthy and portable ideas. So here are a few to get you started!

tuna salad with cucumber slicescarrots with hummuspretzels with dessert hummus
veggie & hummus tortilla wrapapple slices with peanut butterChickpea protein muffin
peanut butter banana sandwichbroccoli & Greek yogurt ranch dipSweet potato brownie
cherry tomato, basil, & mozzarella cheese kababscelery & peanut butterhealthy strawberry doughnut
egg salad sandwichcucumbers & cheesehomemade protein bar
bagel with cream cheese & tomatoveggie egg cupsbanana with peanut butter

If you have access to a microwave, I always love packing up some leftovers for lunch too. And of course, I love a good and hearty salad! But whatever option you choose, you can breathe easy knowing that you’re saving money and improving your health by bringing lunch from home.

What are your favorite lunches to pack? Share your ideas below!

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