Hi there!

I’m a certified CDC Diabetes Prevention Program health & wellness coach, nutrition coach, and group fitness instructor with a passion for health. But more importantly, I’m a mom of three kiddos trying to feed my family healthy food — but with a modest income.

And I’m on a mission to help people learn how to eat healthy on a budget.

On this blog, I share budget tips that I’ve learned from my remarkably frugal mother, my own life experience, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage and Family Studies. I also comb through the latest in nutrition research to provide you easy-to-understand, research-backed articles. And I share healthy, budget-friendly recipes — some from other blogs and some of my own creation!

Being healthy shouldn’t mean you have to be rich. I’m a firm believer that a few small changes can go a long way — and most of those changes don’t cost a thing.

Here’s to your health!

Elizabeth Warner